Honeymoon Photo Session in Florence

Portraying people on travelloing was not an idea when I started working with photography. But really, being in a Country that holds much of Unesco's world heritage, and in a city that breathes the Renaissance, it was not surprising the tourist appeal that has Florence. Then the requests for travel photos began to appear, and it was amazing from the outset to imagine the compositions that could make with this wealth of scenarios.

The biggest challenge for anyone who had never studied English was the language. And it still is, as you can see by the failures of my text. Fortunately, photography has its own language and does not need to be fully narrated. And Emilee and Mark, a couple of Americans, collaborated a lot for their honeymoon session. We walked through the streets of Florence without pretension of obligatory places and monuments, we just defined some points along the way to take as a sweet memory of your trip.